• A standard videocassette format utilized for the recording and playing back of audiovisual content such as movies, broadcast programming, and the like. A VHS cassette has a long 0.5 inch magnetic tape which can provide from about 2 to 10 hours of play, depending on the length of the tape and the speed. It usually provides a resolution of about 250 lines per inch. There are improved versions, such as S-VHS. Also called VHS format.
  • A cassette in VHS (1) format. Also called VHS tape, VHS cassette, or VHS videotape.
  • A device which serves to record and playback VHS tapes. Also called VHS recorder, VHS player, VHS deck, VHS video recorder, or VHS videocassette recorder.

Media Studies

  • noun a videotape for use in domestic video recorders rather than for professional recording