General English


  • noun what you are able to see from a particular place
  • noun a picture of something presented in a particular way


  • verb to look at something, especially something displayed on a screen


  • To see what is displayed by a meter, instrument, computer monitor, TV, or the like. Also, that which is being viewed.
  • To cause to be displayed on a screen, such as that of a TV or computer.
  • A specific perspective of that which can be seen. For example, a given angle of a scene.
  • In a database management system, such as that of a relational database, a specific manner in which data is presented. For example, a view in which only the desired fields are displayed.


  • noun a way of thinking about something
    to plan for a long period before your current investment will become profitable
    because of


  • verb to watch a TV programme

Media Studies


  • noun an area which is visible from a particular location

Real Estate

  • noun a scene or an area that can be seen, especially one that is pleasing or impressive
  • verb to visit a property that you are thinking of renting or buying

Origin & History of “view”

Etymologically, a view is simply something ‘seen’. The word was borrowed from Old French veue, a noun use of the feminine past participle of veoir ‘see’. this was descended from Latin vidēre ‘see’ (source of English vision, visit, etc).