General Science

  • adjective being like glass in appearance or characteristics


  • In describing glazed products, a degree of impermeability in a material characterized by low water absorption. Vitreous is less than 3% absorptionin floor and wall tile and low voltage electrical porcelain, and less than 0.3% absorption in other materials.


  • Of, pertaining to, characteristic of, similar to, derived from, or containing glass.


  • adjective relating to the vitreous humour of the eye

Origin & History of “vitreous”

Latin vitrum meant ‘glass’ (it may be the same word as vitrum ‘woad, plant producing blue dye’, the link being the bluish-green colour of glass, and it might even be distantly related to English woad itself). from it was derived vitreus ‘clear, transparent’, which gave English vitreous. The sulphates of various metals have a glassy appearance, and so in medieval Latin the term vitriolum (a derivative of vitrum) was applied to them – whence English vitriol (14th c.).