Vormingstoneel (politiek)



  • (Dutch: (political) educational drama) A left-wing movementin Dutch and Belgian theater in the 1970s. As in socialist realism,the theater was seen as an instrument to further the class strugglethrough political education. The Dutch companies included Proloog(1964 - 83), De Nieuwe Komedie (1969 - 85), and Sater (1971 - 85);while the main Belgian troupes were Kollektief Internationale NieuweScene, Mannen van de Dam (Men of the Dam), and Het Trojaanse Paard(The Trojan Horse).

    The scripts were often the product of collective creation.Performances took place in such venues as factories and schools, orduring political demonstrations, and were usually followed by discussionsrelating the drama to social needs and conditions. This activist approach,especially strong amongst the Dutch companies, led in the 1980s tothe withdrawal of their subsidies and the collapse of the movement.