• Friederich von Schiller's dramatic masterpiece, ahistorical trilogy completed in 1799. No record exists of its firstperformance at the Weimar Court Theatre, which Schiller managed withGoethe from 1799 to 1805. The last two parts of Wallensteinwere translated into English in 1800 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, whocalled it "not unlike Shakespeare's historical plays - a species by itself".

    Wallenstein follows the career of the Austrian generalAlbrecht von Wallenstein (1583 - 1634), who was victorious inthe Thirty Years' War until his defeat in 1632 by Gustavus Adolphusat L├╝tzen. He was later murdered by his officers, who thoughthe was going to defect to the Swedish enemy. Schiller first becameattracted to the story while carrying out research as a professorof history at the University of Jena. The drama explores the corruptingeffect of power.