General English

  • noun paper with different patterns on it, covering the walls of a room


  • noun shares issued in large numbers during a takeover bid where the purchasing company offers them in exchange for the shares in the company being bought



  • Decorative wall covering generally applied over gypsum board or plaster made up of sheets of paper, fabric, vinyl, or paper-like material affixed to interior walls or ceilings. Wallpaper is either prepasted or applied using a brush-on paste product.


  • A picture, pattern, or other graphic which is displayed as a desktop surface or other screen background. In addition to available choices, which are countless, a user can designate or create most any image for this purpose.

Media Studies

  • noun a soundless video picture used in news bulletins to illustrate a story coming up, over which the presenter reads a short commentary
  • noun background shots which are necessary and unavoidable, but dull
  • noun the background pattern for a computer screen, composed of graphics

Real Estate

  • noun paper, usually printed with a pattern, that is pasted on walls and sometimes ceilings as a covering and decoration