General English


  • noun a legal document which promises that a machine will work properly or that an item is of good quality
  • noun a statement made by an insured person which declares that the facts stated by him are true

Cars & Driving

  • noun a formal written declaration of good quality by the manufacturer of an article, including an agreement to repair or replace it if it is found to be defective within a certain period of time


  • A promise made by a seller or contractor responsible for work performed under a contract that the work performed is fit for the purpose intended and is free from structural, electrical, mechanical, and other defects.


  • noun a legal document which promises that a machine will work properly and in which the producer agrees to compensate the buyer if the product is faulty or becomes faulty before a certain date

Information & Library Science

  • noun a written guarantee given by a company against faulty goods or workmanship


  • noun a contractual term which is secondary to the main purpose of the contract

Real Estate

  • noun a guarantee on purchased goods that they are of the quality represented and will be replaced or repaired if found to be faulty
  • noun a condition in an insurance contract in which the insured person guarantees that something is the case
  • noun a covenant guaranteeing the security of the title to property being sold