General English

Cars & Driving

  • noun a flat disc or ring of metal, rubber, leather, etc., fitted under a nut to even out pressure and prevent damage to the part on which it bears, or to lock the nut in place, or used for spacing or as a seal


  • A flat ring of rubber, plastic, or fibrous material, used as a seal in a faucet or valve or to minimize leakage, as in a threaded connection.
  • Aflat ring of steel that may be split, toothed, or embossed; used in threaded connections to distribute loads, span large openings, relieve friction, or prevent loosening.


  • A flat disk or ring, such as that made of rubber, plastic, felt, or metal, which is placed between mechanical components or parts, to prevent leakage, increase tightness, reduce friction, distribute pressure, or the like.

Real Estate

  • noun a small disc or ring used to keep a screw or bolt secure or prevent leakage at a joint
  • noun an appliance used for washing, especially a washing machine


  • noun a steel or rubber ring under a bolt or nut, or a rubber ring inside a tap which prevents water escaping when the tap is turned off