Weber and Fields



  • A US burlesque comedy team consisting of Joseph Weber(1867 - 1942) and Lew Fields (Lewis Maurice Shanfields; 1867 - 1941).Fields, who was tall and thin, played the devious character Mayer,while the short plump Weber played the innocent Mike. Both wore ridiculouspadded suits and small bowler hats.

    The sons of Polish Jewish immigrants, Weber and Fields appearedtogether in minstrel routines from the age of nine. They later createda slapstick 'knockabout Dutch act' featuring comic broken English.In 1885 they formed their own company for writing and acting burlesquesat the Broadway Music Hall; 10 years later they opened their own theater.Weber eventually went on to direct shows, while Fields moved intomusical comedy and took over the Wallack Theatre in 1904. They performedtogether for the last time in 1912. Weber retired in 1918 and Fieldsin 1929.