General English

General Science

  • noun a measure of how heavy something is



  • noun the force with which a body is drawn towards the centre of the earth


  • The force a mass experiences as a result of the gravitation of a celestial body, such as the earth. The weight of an object varies depending on the gravitational force exerted upon it, while its mass (1) does not.
  • In statistics, a factor or coefficient which helps represent the relative importance of a given term or value.
  • symbolW
  • abbreviationwt

Information & Library Science

  • noun a measurement of the ‘strength’ of a character in a typeface, i.e. light, normal, or bold
  • noun a heavy object, often decorative, used to stop papers from falling or being blown away


  • noun the quality of a piece of evidence

Media Studies

  • verb to multiply results in a survey group according greater significance to the results of one section than to another


  • noun how heavy someone or something is


  • noun one pound of hashish or marihuana. The drug dealers’ and users’ jargon term since the early 1960s; it is a shortening of ‘pound weight’.
  • noun narcotics. The word in this context originally had the sense of a necessary or measured amount, but is often generalised to mean heroin or, more recently, marihuana, cocaine, etc.


  • noun something that is heavy, especially an object lifted, pushed or pulled in order to develop muscle tone or strength