General English


  • To build up or fasten together, as with cements or solvents.
  • To fasten two pieces of metal together by heating them until there is a fusing of material, either with or without a filler metal.


  • To join surfaces or parts via welding.
  • The spot or region which has been joined in a weld (1).


  • noun the seam along the length of a can that is vulnerable to corrosion

Origin & History of “weld”

Weld is ultimately the same verb as well (as in ‘The tears welled up in his eyes’). this originally meant ‘boil, melt’, but in the 15th century (perhaps under the influence of Swedish välla ‘gush, weld’) it began to be used for ‘fuse metal by heating’. Weld itself presumably arose from the use of the past form welled as a present form.