• (Dutch: work theater) A co-operative theater society foundedin 1970 in Amsterdam to investigate and develop new directions fordrama. The company urges its actors to identify totally with theirroles and encourages a highly physical style of acting. It also aimsto explore the interrelationship between actors and their audiences.Like the US Living Theatre, the Werkteater emphasizes collectivecreation - many of its plays come from improvisations builton an actor's personal experiences - and is committed to airingsocial issues. These are highlighted in such works as Situations(1972), about conditions in mental hospitals, Sunset Sky (1973),dealing with old age, Forest and Air (1979), about mentallyhandicapped people, and In For Treatment (1979), showing acancer patient's treatment in hospital. The last-named play has beenfilmed as Opname by Enkuan Zuylen. In the early 1980s ShireenStrooker formed Werkteater II for younger theater workers.