• noun a specialist fielder behind the batsman’s wicket whose job is to stop balls that beat the bat, catch balls coming off the edge of the bat, and – when possible – effect stumpings and run-outs. The wicket-keeper usually stands, or rather squats, slightly towards the off-side (‘the left foot will be behind the middle and off stumps’, says the MCC coaching book) and will nowadays take up his position either right up to the wicket or well back from it, according to the pace of the bowler; in earlier times, the deeper position was occupied by long stop, and wicket-keepers were advised ‘to avoid standing so far away as not to be able comfortably to put down the wicket without moving the legs’ (Badminton 1888).
    See also stumper


  • noun the player positioned behind the wicket to catch the ball or knock the bails off the stumps