wine bottle



  • There is a wide range of styles and sizes for containers used to store wine. Some wine bottles are designed with a particular purpose, e.g. Champagne bottles are made of thicker, stronger glass to withstand the extra pressure generated during the second in-bottle fermentation. There is a range of sizes, but the standard size contains 750 ml; the other sizes are variations on this size: split = quarter size, half = half a standard bottle, magnum = two standard bottles, double magnum = 4 standard bottles, jeroboam = 6 standard bottles, methuselah = 8 standard bottles of the shape used for Burgundy and Champagne, imperial = 8 standard wine bottles of the shape used for Bordeaux, salmanazar = 12 standard bottles, balthazar = 16 standard bottles, nebuchadnezzar = 20 standard bottles.