General English

  • noun a type of shawl that is put round the shoulders or the top part of the body
  • noun a piece of material used to cover something
  • transitive verb to cover something by putting something over it


  • verb to cover something all over in paper


  • noun a soft bread, like a tortilla, wrapped round a filling to make a snack

Media Studies

  • noun the conclusion of a piece of filming, either for the end of the day or for the end of the entire production
  • noun a news item consisting of a short interview or sound bite with the presenter giving a link before and after


  • noun a four-page section wrapped round a signature before binding and bound up with it


  • noun a portion of a drug such as an amphetamine, ecstasy or crack. Measured amounts of the drug are wrapped in paper or tinfoil for sale to consumers. This term has been in use in Britain from 1989.

Origin & History of “wrap”

The antecedents of wrap are a mystery. It has no known Germanic relatives, although it is similar to north Frisian wrappe ‘stop up’ and Danish dialect vrappe ‘stuff’. A possible connection has been suggested with Greek ráptein ‘sew, patch’ and Lithuanian verpti ‘spin’.