wrong ’un



  • noun
    (written as wrong’un)
    a ball bowled by a wrist-spinner that turns in the opposite direction from usual; a right-arm bowler’s googly or a left-arm bowler’s chinaman
    Citation ‘Lock was overwhelmed trying to cut a very good wrong’un from Philpott’ (Peebles 1959)
    Citation ‘In the New Zealand Tests, Warne’s mixture of, as he puts it, “various leggies, toppies, and wrongies” conceded only one-and-a-half runs an over’ (Frank Keating, Guardian 2 June 1993)


  • noun a criminal, ne’er-do-well or other undesirable character
  • noun something to be avoided, a nuisance. The term has been a common working-class colloquialism since the later 19th century.