You Can't Take It With You



  • A comedy by the US playwrights George S. Kaufman and MossHart. It won the Pulitzer Prize after opening in New York in 1936.The play is set in the eccentric New York household of Grandpa MartinVanderhof. His granddaughter Alice has invited her fiancĂ©, Tony Kirby,and his strait-laced parents to dinner, and she is concerned about the impressionthat her unconventional family will make. Grandpa keeps snakes and avoids taxes by pretending to be dead, his son-in-law Paul makes fireworks in the basement, and granddaughter Essie takes ballet lessons from the flamboyant Russian Boris Kolenkhov. Tony's family arrive on the wrong night to find the usual chaos; theyleave in disgust, as the fireworks factory is raided by the authorities.When Tony returns on the next evening, followed by his father, Grandpasucceeds in persuading Mr Kirby to take a more relaxed view of life,and the engagement is saved.