You Never Can Tell



  • A light comedy by George Bernard Shaw, written between1895 and 1897, published in 1898 in Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant,and first performed in 1900 at the Strand Theatre, London. YouNever Can Tell was one of 10 Shaw works presented in repertory(1904 - 07) by John Vedrenne and Harley Granville-Barkerat the Royal Court Theatre.

    A farcical tale set mainly in an English seaside hotel, the playcentres on the independent Mrs Clandon and her three grown-up children:the 'new woman' Gloria and the giddy twins Dolly and Philip. Other charactersinclude the womanizing dentist Mr Valentine and Walter, the wise old hotelwaiter whose catchphrase provides the play's title. Amid much discussion of sexual politics and the class system, the Clandon children are reunited with their estranged father by an absurd coincidence. The play ends with the conversion of Gloria and Valentine to a more conventional way of life as they decide to marry.