General Science


  • noun an area with particular features or purpose
  • noun one of five divisions into which the Earth’s surface is divided by imaginary lines parallel to the equator


  • noun an area of a town or country for administrative purposes
  • verb to divide a town into different areas for planning and development purposes


  • noun a region or part of a screen defined for specialised printing


  • A space or group of spaces in a building with common control of heating and cooling.
  • A form of public control over land use.
  • An area covered by a sprinkler system.


  • One area or region, as opposed to another. Also, such a zone between other zones. For example, a skip zone.
  • A specific zone (1) when two or more such areas or regions are defined. For instance, a Fresnel zone, or the layers into which the atmosphere is divided.
  • A zone (1) where certain properties or characteristics are present. For example, a far field region versus a near field region.
  • In computers, an area designated for storage, or for storage with a specific purpose. May consist, for instance, of sectors, tracks, bands, or the like. Also, an area within a storage medium with a special purpose. For example, a landing zone.


  • verb to order that land in a district shall be used only for one type of building


  • noun an area of the body


  • noun an area or region which has some specific importance or purpose


  • in general use, a wine-producing area that does not usually coincide with any particular geopolitical or administrative boundary
  • in the Australian system of Geographic Indications, a zone is any area of land, not strictly defined in the way that a region or subregion is. Most Australian states are zones.