General English


  • verb to make an aircraft climb rapidly at a very steep angle, or move upwards in this way


  • verb to enlarge an area of text or graphics to make it easier to work on


  • To use a zoom lens to change the size of an image. Also, to use such a lens to rapidly change the size of an image.
  • To change the size of the text and images appearing on a computer monitor, or within a given window. Zooming in increases or magnifies the size, while zooming out does the converse.

Information & Library Science

Media Studies

  • noun a shot in which a zoom lens is used to make the object in focus appear to move closer or farther away while the camera itself stays still


  • noun an amphetamine (speed) or cocaine. A drug abuser’s nickname. The term refers to the exhilarating rush experienced by those using these stimulants.